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Leading business field trend, building up excellent team, covering global market

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Tips:Established in 2000, Bright International Sdn Bhd, is an oral cleaning care products factory which professionally produc
 Established in 2000, Bright International Sdn Bhd, is an oral cleaning care products factory which professionally produces toothpaste, toothbrush, tooth powder, mouth wash, oral sprayer etc. Basing on stable quality and reasonable price, our factory won good reputation in OEM toothpaste of domestic market. And we also cooperate with more than 70 companies processing products such as toothpaste, toothbrush, and tooth powder.
Thanks to agreement of the consumers towards our products, the market share of our owned brands “Biaoming”, “Liangjie”, Meili”in domestic market keeps increasing. As the factory scale enlarges continually and management system improves a lot, we expect to develop international market, serve to global customers, to make double win both in domestic and international market.
We will search more effective foreign trade channel to insure the customers can find us. In developing both domestic and international market, we build up excellent teams to cover global market, serve global customers and lead industry standards.
Through researching for different foreign trade channel, we fully understand Chinaaseantrade’s popularity and influence toward in asean countries, as well as their operational experience and good after-sales service, we set up a partnership with in 2008.By using its AsiaPass, we began to develop international market.
At the beginning, the inquiry was better than what we had imagined, however, we thought that the effective inquiry was little, and it could not bring to result immediately. So that we took serious to each inquiry and participated training courses to study knowledge of operating platform and returning e-mail skills etc. Gradually, we could communicate with customers effectively and offer them our good service.
There was a Philippines customer contacted me through, after a simple call, we began contact by e-mail closely, after following him by 6 months carefully, we got the OME toothpaste order ultimately. Consequently, he came to visit our factory, and told me that we had offered him “service” in 2006, meanwhile, I think of that at that time we had an exhibition in Shanghai, one Philippines customer asked us whether we exported toothpaste products, and that time we did not export toothpaste, so we answered “We don’t, we just focus on the domestic market recently”. But this customer wanted to produce toothpaste by himself when he returned to his country, expecting us introduce some good daily chemicals equipment factories to him, and we sincerely introduced the best one to him, and then we lost contact...
Time flies, and their customers have developed, and they expect to search a creditable partner to produce toothpaste in his brand, fortunately, he contacted us again through and made a good cooperation. Through the repeat cooperation, our factory bases on credit reputation, produce high quality products, and provide excellent communication service. Customers’ smile is our performance value.
Through, more potential customers became our friends; throughAsiaPass of, our foreign team also meets difficulties, tries to find the solutions, and constantly develops the new orders from customers. Nowadays, our market has developed to Vietnam,Mlaysia,Indonesia,Laos etc.
In the process of exploring customers from foreign trade channel, we think that positive learning attitude is very important. Through, we develop different customer relationship, meet many difficulties, study and search good solutions, accumulate practical experience and customers, as well as make lot network business friends.
Next, we will strengthen the team structure and teamwork spirit, provide high quality products and excellent service, continually explore global market, cooperate with more and more customer as well as develop more valuable friendship with them.

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