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Chinaaseantrade helps us to build partnership with some of the biggest company in Indonesia market

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Tips:Pengang Noise Control Established in 1997 has grown to become one of the leading companies in Industrial and Building Ac
 Pengang Noise Control Established in 1997 has grown to become one of the leading companies in Industrial and Building Acoustics. Our services covering from products supply, designing, fabricating and installation of an assigned acoustic projects.
Pengang Noise Control is highly specialized and well recognized in applications involving Generator Sets, Blowers, Compressors, Press Machine and HVAC systems. All of our works in controlling the noise on these applications either meet or exceed the requirement set by the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE) and Department of Safety and Health (DOSH).
When it comes to building music rooms, studios, lecture hall or auditorium, our skill and workmanship are at our best. We take pride in building them and we must admit that we are proud of our achievement. Almost all of our customers express their satisfaction to us; one way or the other.
There was a time when I searched products in Google and I keep noticing was always there at the top search, it surprised me when I went in and search, this website is containing all the products information that I was looking for. How easy it is! At first, we only registered as a free member. What surprised us was we keep receiving  quality enquiries and we wish to receive more on Chinaaseantrade, therefore we decided to signed up as a AsiaPasswhich required authentication and verification. We really appreciated the way Chinaaseantrade helps us in expanding to new markets like Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. 
One of the unbelievable  experiences after being a AsiaPassis, we have built a good relationship with one of the biggest company in Malaysia. As we know Malaysia is the country that produces higher technology and higher quality goods, We did not expect a big buyer will eventually found us on Chinaaseantrade and place  an  order with us worth of half a million Malaysian ringgit. It wasn’t just a one-time business, and now we are in good relationship and this Chinaaseantrade company keeps coming back to us ! 
On average, we receive around 20 quality enquiries on Chinaaseantrade per month from a lot of new markets that we have never thought of reaching before !
Our dream is to become the biggest manufacturer of noise control in Malaysia, our commitment is to provide premier service and support to our customers !  We hope to grow with !

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