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放大字体  缩小字体 Post date:2013-05-17  Views:37 caught our attention in 2002. However, we didnt join immediately until they signed up as a free memb caught our attention in 2002. However, we didn’t join immediately until they signed up as a free member few years later.  During that time, I did receive some genuine enquiries which brought me opportunities to connect with overseas buyer.  In 2009, I have decided to join as AsiaPassbecause I would like to receive more oversea enquiries and expand our business to more countries.
The features on are very user friendly and easy to use.  It is the ideal platform for start-up business like us.  No need to pay too much time in learning the operation.
Since I have signed up as a AsiaPass, my company sales volume has doubled Generally, I can receive over 30 enquires on Usually among 20% out of these enquiries will convert into real orders. To a lot of companies, 20% may seem small but to us, it means a lot to us and it is a very good progress. allows our company and our products to get high recognition from overseas buyers. If we have never signed up as AsiaPass, we don’t think our company can reach out to buyers around the Southeast Asia so easily!
Not long ago when we closed a big deal with a Vietnam buyer, it was a great surprise and to our company !   This buyer used to import products from Japan but when they found us supplying similar products and also a AsiaPasswhich has gone through Chinaaseantrade’s authentication and verification, they were confidence enough to give us a trial order. It was an impressive and encouraging experience. We never thought we could close a deal without flying across all the miles and meet up with the customer in person. 
On Chinaaseantrade platform, it shortens our sales cycle and expands our customer-base a lot !  Without Chinaaseantrade, without signing up as a AsiaPass, I don’t believe  we would ever meet such a big customer. Grand Semiconductor company in Malaysia and everyone knows this name ! We are so proud that now we are one of their suppliers, most important, they found and picked us on !  
We are glad that we are on Chinaaseantrade, we really see the chances in meeting potential customers on it !  We hope that we can grow with Chinaaseantrade, and one day, we will be just as big as them !

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