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Bad Black tells off haters as she parties in Malaysia

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Tips:Wanted Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has assured people hating on her to mind their own business. This is after she p
 Wanted Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has assured people hating on her to mind their own business. This is after she posted pictures of herself seemingly partying in a night club outside the country.
The convicted socialite was granted sh100m bail in December last year to seek medical attention for her breast implants, but has since violated the terms.
Last month an arrest warrant for Bad Black was sanctioned by the KCCA Court in Kampala for failing to appear on two occasions without any explanation from her sureties.
A section of Ugandans residing in Malaysia say the naughty socialite has been spotted partying in night spots there, contrary to earlier reports that she was lounging at Dubai tourist resorts.
Black's rants on her facebook wall followed a story last week of her former boyfriend, David Greenhalgh, fathering a kid with her once bossom friend, Janet Apuyo.
Black posted on her wall, in a mixture of Luganda and broken English:
“Bannange Banauganda muylina amaalo ‘whats the problem’ muggya wange okuzaala omuzungu mbadde omwami waffe atulabilira bulungi kati mwe aba mpelenza bu msgs please nze ndi mukowu ask david njenddi mwasaama!!!!” “I believe in ma self thats why always successful in everything I luv you David Greenhalgh can’t wait to see you!!!”
Loosely translated, Black taunts Ugandans who find it a problem that her 'co-wife' Janet has a kid with Greenhalgh and that it is none of their business. She signs off saying she loves him and cannot wait to see him.
Greenhalgh however is reported to have distanced himself from  Black and reiterated that they were no longer an item. He also reportedly warned Janet that he did not want her communicating with Black or even whispering her name - not even in her mind!
Black's lawyer, Henry Kisaalu, says he has not heard from his client and has no idea where she might be.Meanwhile, Black is being sued by her lawyers over non payment of legal fees.
Black is serving four years in Luzira prison for embezzling sh11b from Daveshan Development Limited, a company she co-owned with Greenhalgh. She was convcited together with Meddie Ssentongo, who was jailed for 18 months.

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